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The Start Of The End

Don’t go to Uni, Its overly stressful

FINALLY submitted that essay on Suicide. I stayed up the full of last night putting finishing touches to it. Finally got to sleep about 6am , now its 9. So not much sleep at all. Although I still don’t feel less stressed now that its submitted and I think that’s because it says I have plagiarised myself and I am really worried in case that fails me again. 

Emailed my tutor, in total panic, at half 4 this morning, she will be thinking I’m nuts. 

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when u accidentally open ur front camera and ur sitting there like


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How I Met Your Mother, 2005-…

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No really Hermione you’re way better than him

Well actually Harry produced a powerful patronus at only 13 years old, cheated death twice, and destroyed the most terrible dark wizard that ever terrorized anyone ever.

yeah but hermione punched draco in the face

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Tree by Anthony K. on Flickr.

one day, the impala is going to be left somewhere, sam and dean on their way to some kind of battle for the world that they win. they save the world with the sacrifice of their lives, and they leave her behind. black paint, metal and chrome, their home, and she carried them so far.

they’ve long been dead, legends in the minds of those who know the truth. sam and dean who saved the world and never looked back. the impala, who carried them. the impala who sat in a field and waited. the impala who waited for them to come back.

the impala who was left alone. 

she’s beyond old by the time a tree begins to grow underneath her hood. twenty years before it breaks through, another twenty before it swells, branches out, becomes a thing worthy of recognizing.

people gather around her. place significance on her.

in a post-apocalyptic world, she’s an icon.

but inside, she’ll always be a husk

waiting for her boys to come back to her.

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